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Research Methods:

Qualitative Research Resources (Don Ratcliff; N.B. also the author's course Qualitative Research Methods, ERS 799.

Qualitative Research E-mail Resources (Judith Preissle).

Qualitative Research in Information Systems (Editor: Michael D. Myers) "This section aims to provide qualitative researchers in IS - and those wanting to know how to do qualitative research - with useful information on the conduct, evaluation and publication of qualitative research."

The Qualitative Report (Editor: Ronald J. Chenail) "An online journal dedicated to qualitative research since 1990."



Church Resource Ministries Leadership development and Mentoring program.


Missiology: "Our Mission: To provide a comprehensive information resource for the cross-cultural practitioner, educator and student in the field of Missiology via the Internet."

AD2000 and Beyond "The AD200 & Beyond Movement is a global, informal network of Christian missionary agencies, denominations, churches and individuals committed to world evangelism."

Brigada To: "Identify & promote helpful resources, conferences, websites, agencies, individuals, etc.; Analyze & capsulize in layman terms the current trends in global mission, along with their potential impact on the world of missions; Challenge & motivate evangelical Christians to greater involvement in finishing the Task of global evangelism . . . ."

Cultural Anthropology (Society for Cultural Anthropology) Article authors and titles only.

Journal of Applied Missiology (The editorial content of Journal of Applied Missiology reflects the views of the various authors and does not necessarily represent the views of the Department of Missions or the College of Biblical and Family Studies of Abilene Christian University.) "The Journal of Applied Missiology (abbreviated JAM) was a semi-annual publication of the ACU Missions Department, with issues in April and October from 1990 to 1996. Edited by Ed Mathews, it was produced in limited quantities for missions alumni, missionaries on the field, and missions professors at sister institutions. Beginning with Volume 7, JAM was published nly in electronic format on the World Wide Web. All back issues are now on-line here."