Thesis & Dissertation


Dissertation News (ASGS – Association for Support of Graduate Students) "Dissertation News is a 6-issue-per-year bulletin offering guidance and support for ASGS-member doctoral students, and information of value to faculty members on advising and counseling graduate students."

Dissertation Resources (Horace H. Rackham School of Graduate Studies, University of Michigan).

First thoughts to finished writing (The University of Queensland).

Life after Comprehensive Exams (The Graduate Program in Political Science at Columbia University) This is "a guide to the details of dissertation writing."

Research and Writing (Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand).

A Structured Approach to Presenting PhD Theses: Notes for Candidates and their Supervisors (Chad Perry) A paper presented to the ANZ Doctoral Consortium, University of Sydney, February 1994, with later additions to 18 September 1995.

Writing a Dissertation (Edward G. Rozychi, 2000).

Writing and Presenting Your Thesis or Dissertation (S. Joseph Levine; Michigan State University).

Bobbi's Place (Bobbi A. Kerlin) The Qualitative Research Web Ring.