Old Testament Survey

Program/Pelajaran Audio Referensi Durasi
What is the Bible Bermacam-macam 00:26:40
The Purpose of the Bible Bermacam-macam 00:27:01
How to Study the Bible Bermacam-macam 00:26:42
Why We Study Hebrew History Bermacam-macam 00:26:47
Profiles of Prophets Bermacam-macam 00:27:46
Is Creation Credible Kejadian 00:27:30
Persons Partners and Parents Kejadian 00:26:28
Where Are You Kejadian 00:26:30
Where is Your Brother Kejadian 00:25:24
The Father of Faith Kejadian 00:26:46
Who Are You Kejadian 00:26:46
The God Who is in Charge Kejadian 00:26:21
Making Somebody Out of Nobody Keluaran 00:26:48
Four Spiritual Secrets Keluaran 00:27:06
The Principles of Deliverance Keluaran 00:27:00
The Spirit of the Ten Commandments Keluaran 00:26:52
Tent of Worship Keluaran 00:26:51
A Minister's Manual Imamat 00:26:32
A Sense of the Sacrifice Imamat 00:26:52
The Level of Decision Bilangan 00:27:06
Arresting Allegories Bilangan 00:26:33
Blue Print for a Burnout Bilangan 00:27:11
Growing Children Ulangan 00:27:14
Memories of Miracles Ulangan 00:27:16
More Messages of Moses Yosua 00:26:58
Possess Your Possession Yosua 00:26:58
Possessing the Promises Yosua 00:26:59
Immoral Prayer and the Enemies Yosua 00:27:09
The Agonies of Apostasy Yosua 00:26:55
Extraordinary Things Hakim-hakim 00:26:47
Every Man in His Place Hakim-hakim 00:26:54
The Romance of Redemption Rut 00:26:50
A Romance in Reverse Rut 00:27:00
The Kingdom of God 1 Samuel 00:27:09
Heard of God 1 Samuel 00:27:12
Anointed Obedience 1 Samuel 00:26:53
How to Fail Successfully 2 Samuel 00:27:29
The Blessedness of Forgiveness 2 Samuel 00:27:23
The Three Facts of Sin 2 Samuel 00:26:47
Kings and Prophets 1 Raja-raja, 2 Raja-raja 00:26:55
The Rise and Fall of the Kingdom 1 Raja-raja, 2 Raja-raja 00:26:41
Things Omitted 1 Tawarikh, 2 Tawarikh 00:26:47
The Synoptic Gospels of the OT Ezra, Nehemia 00:26:37
The Wonders of the Work of God Ezra, Nehemia 00:26:45
The Profile of a Leader Nehemia 00:27:05
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner Ester 00:26:59
The Outward Man and the Inward Man Ayub 00:26:56
Hurting Hearts Ayub 00:27:15
Look in Look up and Look Around Ayub 00:27:28
Thirty Biblical Reasons Ayub 00:26:43
Responding to Life's Wringers Ayub 00:27:08
He Maketh Me Lie Down Mazmur 00:26:44
Profiles of a Blessed Man Mazmur 00:26:58
Blessed is Everyone Mazmur 00:27:18
Solutions to Stress Mazmur 00:27:38
The Blessedness of Forgiveness Mazmur 00:27:38
The Coming and Going of Worship Mazmur 00:26:50
Taste and See Mazmur 00:27:05
The Wisdom of Solomon Amsal 00:26:43
The Swan Song of Solomon Pengkhotbah 00:27:07
Jesus Loves Me Kidung Agung 00:27:28
The Coming and Going of Isaiah Yesaya 00:25:13
The Manifesto of the Messiah Yesaya 00:25:35
Our Suffering Substitute Yesaya 00:25:30
A Series of Sobs Yeremia 00:27:27
The Captivity Cantor Yeremia 00:26:52
God's Sad News Yeremia 00:27:14
God Loves You Anyway Ratapan 00:27:23
All Things Weird and Wonderful Yehezkiel 00:27:06
Dry Bones Yehezkiel 00:27:31
Believers versus Babylonians Daniel 00:27:38
Babylon Believes Daniel 00:27:19
The Prayer Priorities Daniel 00:27:21
An Agonizing Allegory Hosea 00:27:14
The Day of the Lord and the Locusts Yoel 00:27:21
The Lion Roars and Amos Sees it Amos 00:27:06
The Edom Experience Obaja 00:26:38
He is Not Going Yunus 00:27:34
The Prejudiced Prophet Yunus 00:27:43
The Political Prophet Mikha 00:27:00
God's Final Solution Mikha 00:27:11
Ho-Hum or Nahum Nahum 00:27:11
The Original Talk Show Habakuk 00:27:47
Clean Sweep Down Fore N Aft! Zefanya 00:27:54
God First Hagai 00:27:31
Focus Your Faith Hagai 00:27:47
Apocalypse Now Zakharia 00:27:26
What You See is What You Get Zakharia 00:27:34
Back Chat Maleakhi 00:27:39
Seven Blueprints for a Burnout Maleakhi 00:27:41