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Tony Bates – The Future of Learning (Pdf)

Curtis Jay Bonk, Jack A. Cummings, Noriko Hara, Robert B. Fischler, Sun Myung Lee – A Ten Level Web Integration Continuum for Higher Education: New Resources, Partners, Courses, and Markets (Pdf)

David Brooks, Diane Nolan, Susan Gallaher – Web-Teaching 2nd Edition (Pdf)

Nada Dabbagh – Using a Web-Based Course Management Tools to Support Face-to-Face Instruction (Pdf)

Nada Dabbagh – Web-based Course Management Tools (Pdf)

Peter Drucker – The Next Information Revolution (Pdf)

Gregory C. Farrington – The New Technologies and the Future of Residential Undergraduate Education (Pdf)

Andrew Feenberg – Distance Learning: Promise or Threat? (Pdf)

Mark L. Fink – Faculty on the Move: Rethinking Faculty Support Services (Pdf)

Lisa Guernsey – As the Web Matures, Fun Is Hard to Find (Pdf)

Noriko Hara & Rob Kling – Students' Distress with a Web-based Distance Education Course: An Ethnographic Study of Participants' Experiences (Pdf)

Danny Hillis – The Millennium Clock (Pdf)

The Report of a 1998-1999 University of Illinois Faculty Seminar (December 7, 1999) – Teaching at an Internet Distance: the Pedgogy of Online Teaching and Learning (Pdf)

Bob Kerrey & Johnny Isakson – The Report of the Web-based Education Commission – The Power of the Internet for Learning: Moving from Promise to Practice, December 2000 (Pdf)

Roger T. & David W. Johnson – An Overview of Cooperative Learning (Pdf)

Syllabus Magazine – Interview: Lippman on Learning: Fundamental Changes (Pdf) Syllabus Magazine, February 2002

National Academy of Science – Making IT Better: Expanding Information Technology Research to Meet Society's Needs (Pdf)

Glen McCandless – Web Applications: Interactivity Arrives at the Virtual Campus (Pdf) Syllabus Magazine Archive, November/December, 1999

Gary E. Miller – Distance Education and the Undergraduate Curriculum (Pdf)

James L. Morrison & Diana G. Oblinger – Information Technology and the Future of Education: An Interview with Diana Oblinger (Pdf) Vision March/April, 2002

Carl Raschke – Beyond Education: The Age of Transaction and the "Scene" of Digital Learning (Pdf) Syllabus Magazine Archive, November/December, 1999

Lauren Rosen – The World Wide Web: Taking on the Pedagogical Challenge (Pdf)

Jerald G. Schutte – Virtual Teaching in Higher Education: The New Intellectual Superhighway or Just Another Traffic Jam? (Pdf)

Peter Siegel – The Age of Digital Learning: A Copernican Revolution (Pdf)

Ronald A. Simkins – Teaching the Bible through the Internet: In the Classroom and at a Distance (Pdf) Journal of Religion & Society, Volume 2 (2000)


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